About Energy4Livelihood

A blog that analyses energy problems, evaluates options and provides solutions to persuade people and policy makers to actions. The blog is initiated by Bibek Raj Kandel. He holds an MSc in Energy Management from the University of Twente, Netherlands and a degree in Civil Engineering from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. Previously, he worked as National Advisor to Alternative Energy Promotion Center, an apex governmen body for the promotion of renewable energy in Nepal. Mr. Kandel occasionally writes opinion pieces on energy market and policy issues in the Kathmandu Post, a leading English daily in Nepal. He can be contacted at vivekovivek[at]gmail[dot]com

Twitter: @vivekovivek

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One Thought on “About Energy4Livelihood

  1. Shalav on May 24, 2013 at 9:35 am said:

    Have you tried using http://www.translate.google.com? Its a wonderful tool that I use when I see something in a foreign language….its not perfect but it gives you the essense of the text…sometimes that’s all that you have time for.

    Have you tried reading some of the volumous reports, researches etc etc about renewable energy that is published? I’m the kind of person who gets tired of reading all the jargons, bunch of vested interests…while at other times I simply cannot feed myself enough chololates to finish the next big report that I’m supposed to digest and perfectly understand.

    Many times I wished that there would be something like google’s translater to brouse through the must read reports and all. This website tries to do just that: it provides me with the key elements of what i need to know, with a dash of personal analysis that helps me sharpen my own thinking. Its also equally important for me to know and realise that Bivek is not an academician or a development philosopher who, he is working as a real renewable energy practitioner in Nepal trying to make sense of it all in practice….and doing a pretty good job at that! A look at any of his posts or any of his tweets would give you this essense…

    Keep up the good work !

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