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Climate induced disaster events abruptly rises in Nepal.

The Global Climate Risk Index 2014 released by the Germanwatch- a German based think tank at the COP 19 conference last week in Poland identifies Nepal as the 14th vulnerable country to the risks of changing global weather patterns.  It says that over 293 people have already died because of the extreme climate events between 1992 to 2012 with 220 number of death toll attributed to the year 2012 alone. Compared to the last twenty year figure, this abrupt rise in climate induced death toll  in 2012 is indeed quite alarming for the country like Nepal which already lacks enough capital to adapt to the negative impacts of these changing weather patterns. The report says that the economic losses attributed to climate change from 1992 to 2012 amounted to over 97.54 Million USD and 0.381% loss in GDP. The CRI 2014 identifies Honduras, Myanmaar and Haiti as the most affected countries in twenty years of time, followed by Nicaragua, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

The Global Climate Risk Index 2014 The Global Climate Risk Index 2014

Are we really doing anything?

Several climate change projects especially aiming to improve the climate adaptive capacity of people and the institutions are underway in Nepal run both by government and various non government organizations. However, addressing climate risks require the commitment and dedicated funding from the central to local government bodies. Various national and international agencies are assisting the Government of Nepal in taking the necessary measures in climate adaptation. However, delay in governance structures, delayed budgetary process (2013 budget is an exceptionally timely though) and various structural barriers often result in delay in fund disbursement thereby impacting the capital expenditure and resultant risk of cost increase and time overruns in these climate adaption projects. Lack of adequate capital at one hand and the existing institutional arrangements within the government, its system for planning, budgeting, fund flows and accounting mechanisms pose equally daunting challenges to combating the impacts of climate change in Nepal.